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The Mark III management team is actively involved in all aspects of multifamily property management. Our employees have a wealth of experience and we pride ourselves on knowing the industry inside and out. Our team has experience in Conventional, HUD, and Section 42 Tax Requirements. We a history of success in marketing, resident relations, construction, land development, and capital improvements as well as vendor relations, property tax assessment, and insurance.

Individual Management

Effective property management is as much about what a company does not do, as it is about what a company does. Mark III does not manage by template. We do manage each property individually. That is because Mark III is a “hands on” property management company. We have learned through our 20 plus years of experience to do our homework on each property and manage each by its highly specific needs. So whether your property is small or large, we make it our business to understand its requirements.

Teamwork Approach

Mark III understands the importance of effective Property managers. They are the link between the property owner, management company and the residents. That is why we hire the best. Along with our home office team, they oversee the day to day operations of their property including:

  • Leasing available apartments and negotiating lease renewals.
  • Performing routine property inspections for upkeep, repairs and preventative maintenance.
  • Enforce management policies and procedures.
  • Payment of maintenance invoices, payroll, mortgages, insurance and property taxes.
  • Negotiating contracts for advertising, maintenance, trash removal and ground keeping services.
  • Regularly submit reports showing income, expenses, variances and capital expenditures.

Accounting Services

Mark III builds trust with exceptional accounting communication between our staff and yours. Our accounting is known for its thoroughness, including a monthly balance sheet along with a profit and loss statement. We pay attention to the numbers and details, giving you a return on investment you can depend on to be accurate and complete.

Coordination During Construction

If you are contemplating the construction of a new property, then Mark III is the perfect management company for you. Managing a property during construction and the lease up period is a demanding and complex proposition. It takes a knowledgeable management team to tackle the job from start to finish. We know how to work with the construction team and the owner to get a property opened and leased up.


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